Network Assessment

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A base line for your organization Success

Network and Security Assessment Service is a comprehensive review of your network infrastructure.

A Network Assessment Team will work with you to determine network availability, fault tolerance and throughput required for smooth functioning of your network. A full onsite network services audit, analysis and report will be completed as part of this service.

The following tasks are performed as a part of the network assessment:

1- Analysis of current network architecture.

2- Network traffic patterns and load analysis.

3- Network availability strategy and goals.

4- Identify vulnerabilities of existing network.

5- Configuration management & backup of network devices.

6- Network optimization recommendations.

7- Network services documentation.

8- Cable plant (physical layer) review.

9- Network layer configuration analysis

The following tasks are performed as a part of the security assessment:

1- Vulnerability Assessment Services.Vulnerability Assessment from Terremark will clarify the overall security posture for a new production service and existing service.

2- Penetration Testing Services.   Penetration Testing Services will uncover, compromise, and prove issues as exposed to an external or internal attacker. Alongside the baseline provided by a Vulnerability Assessment,Penetration Testing is indispensable in determining the most cost-effective use of security-related resources in an organization.

3- Incident Preparation Services.When an incident affects your organization, a response plan is the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major source of expense and liability, we deliver a best-of-breed solutionthat fits within the context of your organization’s business.

4- Incident response services. In case a security breaches occured and hackers succeed to go inside and denials of serviceshappen, Our team can respond quickly to prevent the theft of information and help you in everyaspect for incident response through an experienced security staff.