VMware vSphere ® with Operations Management™


Build a Flexible, Efficient Datacenter

vSphere with Operations Management combines the world’s leading virtualization platform with VMware’s award winning management capabilities.This new solution enables IT to gain operational insight into the virtual environment providing improved availability, performance, and capacity utilization.Run business applications confidently to meet the most demanding service level agreements at the lowest TCO.

  • Reduce Costs and Maximize IT Efficiency:  Reduce capital and operational expenses and minimize potential lost revenue due to downtime, outages and failures.
  • Increase Application Availability and Control:  Automate the enforcement of service-level agreements to ensure availability, security and scalability of enterprise applications.
  • Empower Your IT Department with Choice:  Deliver applications and business services on-demand with the freedom to choose your hardware, application architecture, operating system, and private or public cloud infrastructure.
  • Anticipate Bottlenecks:  Enable health monitoring and use performance analytics to help anticipate performance bottlenecks and enable vSphere infrastructure health with patented self-learning analytics.
  • Right-Size Your Environment:  Deliver capacity management and optimization to ensure capacity consumption is right-sized and not overprovisioned to allow for the most efficient use of virtualized resources.
  • See the Whole Picture:  View the environment through an intuitive operations dashboard that leads to root cause analysis and actionable recommendations.