Executive Summary

Cisco Physical Security solutions provide broad network-centric capabilities in video surveillance, IP camera technology, electronic access control, and incident response. The solutions are part of Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities initiative, which focuses on improving the quality of life of citizens by helping to create a safe and secure living environment that is a foundation for supporting sustainable social, environmental, and economic growth. Cisco Physical Security solutions integrate with other Cisco and partner technologies to provide a unified interface that gives safety personnel a higher level of situational awareness and allows intelligent decisions to be made more quickly. Customers can build cost-effective, modular physical security solutions that are both best-in-class and interoperable.

The Challenge

Physical security is a top priority for many organizations and governments. To help create a safe and secure environment, security personnel develop plans, train staff, and implement systems such as surveillance cameras, access controls, and paging and radio systems. These investments help to protect against threats from man-made and natural disasters. What’s more, they can be far more effective and can cost less to manage when tied together over an existing IP network. Benefits include earlier threat detection, faster response, and enhanced collaboration with local law enforcement organizations.

The Solution

Unlike non-integrated point products, Cisco solutions provide end-to-end support to quickly detect incidents and correlate and prioritize key information, enabling faster and more effective collaboration among incident response personnel. Using the network as an open, scalable platform for integrating security helps to increase operational flexibility, improve protection capabilities, and reduce both risk and cost of ownership.